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About the book

Presenting the very finest in vulgar humour, The Oxbridge Limerick Book revives the ancient and noble art of the filthy limerick, injects it with a large dose of twenty-first century humour and applies it to the venerable institutions of Oxford and Cambridge, giving every college in the two universities a filthy limerick to call its own. The results will cause hilarity and provoke outrage, with what is quite possibly the best and most original little book of filthy limericks to be published since 1928.

Corona Books trans

The Oxbridge Limerick Book is published by Corona Books UK, independent publishers of the brilliant, innovative and quirky.

About the author

Lewis Williams went to Darwin College, Cambridge (for one evening, that is, in 2015 for a dinner he was invited to). On the other hand, he did genuinely work at Oxford University for a number of years.  His ignominious departure from its employ had nothing whatsoever to do with his writing rude limericks concerning the place or its employees. He is the author of The Great British Limerick Book and The Scottish Limerick Book. He hasn’t devoted the whole of his recent past to the art of writing filthy limericks, either. He is also up to over level 400 on Candy Crush.    

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You can read a selection of limericks from the book here.

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